Dear Friends,​

Marcia Lutrell of the SD Union Tribune asked me about the origin of the title HORIZONS. I thought I would share my answer with you as well. As is often the case with my titles, there are multiple meanings. The two companies featured on this program are Malashock Dance and Island Moving Company from Newport Rhode Island. Two ocean-based locations. West Coast, East Coast. We literally look at different horizons and, artistically, we have very different perspectives - which makes blending the two companies a fun and exciting challenge. 

The more subtle reference is that the Artistic Directors of both companies (me and Miki Ohlsen) are looking at our own new horizons. Miki is handing over her directorship at the end of this season and will be defining a new relationship with Island Moving Company and the dance field as a whole. I am at the beginning stages of seeking new artistic leadership for Malashock Dance and am also pondering what that will mean to me, both personally and organizationally for Malashock Dance. I know Miki and I both feel a great deal of excitement about the possibilities, and also a reasonable bit of fear about the unknown. But that is the nature of horizons. You don't really know what is just beyond what you can see. Artists like that sort of thing!

I hope you will join us for the HORIZONS show.


Gratefully Yours,

John Malashock, Artistic Director

Dear Friend,

This month we are exceptionally proud of the dancers, teachers, and organizations who enthusiastically work together to keep dance thriving in San Diego. Malashock Dance, along with five other dance organizations, worked with the San Diego Unified School District's Visual and Performing Arts Department to provide a "Day of Dance" in the beautiful Dorothea Laub Dance Place building. Over 100 students spent the day taking classes, interacting with our professional dance community, and viewing a spectacular performance. We worked with La Jolla Playhouse's Without Walls Festival and saw Liberty Station transformed and energized by innovative performances and interactive components. We just completed our time with Tristian Griffin of Kansas City, our first choreographic residency sponsored by our Evolution Campaign. He created work with our company dancers, taught an exceptional free Master Class for the community, and invited some supporters and fans to watch his rehearsal process. We are currently working with a cast of 7 BRILLIANT professional dancers in San Diego, and looking forward to introducing you to Island Moving Company as we prepare for the premiere of HORIZONS later this month. This is truly a time when we are seeing our mission come to life as we work together with community and collaboration at the forefront of all we do. If you haven't reserved tickets yet, they are just a click away!

With Gratitude, 

Molly Glynn Puryear, Executive Director / 619.260.1622 ext. 2




Featuring Choreography by John Malashock,  Island Moving Company (Newport, RI) and Guest Choreographer Tristian Griffin (Kansas City, MO)

Malashock Dance is set to debut HORIZONS, a collaboration of live dance, featuring all-new choreography by iconic San Diego Choreographer John Malashock, Miki Ohlson of Island Moving Company (Newport, RI), and Tristian Griffin of Tristian Griffin Dance Company (Kansas City, MO).  The performance features six phenomenal dancers from Island Moving Company and the renowned dancers of Malashock Dance Company in a versatile and stunning array of contemporary dance styles. This unique collaboration brings together celebrated artists from across the United States, to provide San Diegans with a highly memorable concert. 



Hosted by: Malashock Dance Board of Directors

Enjoy fine Italian wine and pre-show bites at Solare Restaurant. Mix and mingle with special guests from Malashock Dance's Outreach Programs, and Artistic Director John Malashock.

This event is directly before the Sunday, May 29 performance of HORIZONS. Donors who give $75+ are invited to attend!



Youth Showcase - June 11, 2022!

Join us as we celebrate all the hard work our students have put in this year!

Our dance students will present works they have learned, practiced, and even created over the last year on our outdoor stage in Ingram Plaza in Liberty Station!


Modern Jazz Blues


Join us for Maria Benjamin's new class and experience this lyrical Jazz class that’s a fusion of Horton, Graham, Limon, Afro, Gospel, Blues, and Ballet.
It focuses on and builds musicality, technique, strength and expression. The choreography will vary every one or two weeks, but will always bemusic driven and soulful. This class requires some prior dance training, but frequent attendance will help the dancer become stronger and improve their technique. The most important thing in this class is for students to use the space to move, express themselves through the choreography, and feel their spirits soar.




Over 90 fourth grade students who are studying dance at High Tech Elementary came to a special viewing of the dress rehearsal for "Just A Phase," Malashock Dance's program in La Jolla Playhouse's Without Walls Festival. The students enthusiastically shared their thoughts on dance, knowledge of the rehearsal and choreographic process, asked questions, and met John Malashock and Company Dancers!

VAPA Day of Dance

Malashock Dance, San Diego Dance Theater, The Rosin Box Project, San Diego Ballet, and Disco Riot provided a full day of dance for over 100 students from the San Diego Unified School District! We were thrilled to see so many talented students share their passion for dance and interact with professional teachers and dance artists throughout the day. 


We know that you want to see quality dance that represents all of us for years to come, and now is the time to ensure that it is possible. Your donation or pledge will support fresh, innovative choreographic voices. Your participation will lead Malashock Dance into the future. Thank you to our generous donors who have already committed to helping us reach our goal to fund a five-year transition to new Artistic Leadership!



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