Dear Friends,​
I will always love making dances, and I love our organization. I love it enough to acknowledge that, moving forward, change and growth are what is needed. Dance is, in many ways, about habit. But all art, by its nature, is about change. I've been blessed with the opportunity to make an entire career in dance and in the many years since I left college, I have learned a lot about dance, art, collaboration, community, and myself. My dad often used to say of show biz, "Always leave 'em wanting more." I frequently took those words to heart while creating new shows, and I intend to let them guide me regarding my artistic leadership of Malashock Dance. At age 47, I knew it was time for me to get off the stage as a dancer, and now, twenty years later, I know it is time for me to help facilitate a transition of that artistic leadership to someone who is a dynamic up-and-coming choreographer; a charismatic leader; and a visionary who can see the importance of building new links to our artistic and educational communities. 

LET IT BE NOTED: I am not going anywhere any time soon! This is a five-year plan. When the time comes for me to step down as Artistic Director, I plan to keep a lower-profile artistic relationship with the dance company for many years to come. This is not just succession. This is EVOLUTION. And I am all for it!

Gratefully Yours,

John Malashock, Artistic Director

Dear Friend,

Since 1988, Malashock Dance has inspired, entertained, and educated our community through innovative dance performances and training. John Malashock's artistic vision has opened a new world of artistic collaboration, offering far greater possibilities for dance in our community. As we embark on our 34th Anniversary Season, we are preparing for a thoughtful and strategic transition to a fresh, visionary artist, capable of reshaping and leading the company into the future. Our Board of Directors, Advisory Council, and community are working together to implement a 5-year transition that will preserve Malashock Dance's legacy and guide us into the future. We are excited to share our plans and fundraising goals with you, and encourage you to stay involved and offer support any way you feel possible.

If you are interested in joining our Board of Directors or Advisory Council, please contact me!

Molly Glynn Puryear, Executive Director / 619.260.1622 ext. 2



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La Jolla Music Society presents the dazzling Alonzo King LINES Ballet at San Diego Civic Theatre on Thursday, January 20. Don’t miss this electrifying performance of King’s most spectacular works, from AZOTH and GRACE to WRITING GROUND, and much more.y and replace it with content that speaks to the supporter in a personal, emotional, and actionable way. Make it clear that their support is mission-critical.

LIGHTENED by Alonzo King LINES Ballet Photo: RJ Muna / Dancers: Adji Cissoko and Robb Beresford



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