Dear Friends,​



Malashock Dance had the good fortune of being the company 'in-residence' for the two-week Newport (Rhode Island) Dance Festival produced by Island Moving Company - an extraordinary contemporary ballet company directed by Miki Ohlsen. We got to restage excerpts from our recent work, THE BRIDGE, and spent the first ten days choreographing a new work, SWELLS, on ten Island Moving Company dancers and three from Malashock Dance. All of the work was incredibly well received, and the outdoor festival stage setting felt like a logical next step after our own festival performances here in May. 

The whole experience could not have been better. Working with a large group of incredibly talented and responsive dancers, who were new to me, really pushed me into some exciting uncharted artistic waters. This is what I always hope for when starting new projects. On top of that, it was extra special just to be traveling again, and clearing out the emotional cobwebs that set in over the last year and a half. It reminded me just how fun and moving dance can be. Our plan is to have IMC here in the spring, to perform SWELLS alongside Malashock Dance.

Thanks for the "SWELLS" time, Island Moving Company!

John Malashock, Artistic Director

Dear Friend,

Malashock Dance is buzzing with activity! Our adult classes are being held safely in person, and we are thrilled to offer new contemporary and modern classes for all levels. Children's summer camps and classes are happening now (you can still sign up!) and registration is open for Fall classes, too! 

 This Saturday we hope you will join us for our Community Conversation hosted by Movement Catalyst San Diego from 4 - 6:00 pm. You can read more about it below. Please consider taking 5 to 10 minutes to complete a survey that will help us gain insight about your experiences with us. We are looking forward to a very exciting Fall and beyond! 


Molly Glynn Puryear, Executive Director

Malashock Dance and Movement Catalyst San Diego invite all dance community members to join us in a community conversation. Our goal is to share experiences in a safe space and to co-create a more equitable dance community.
This community forum is an opportunity for the San Diego Dance Community to come together and address, discuss, and learn from each other's experiences in order to move forward as a more equitable dance community. Malashock Dance acknowledges its participation and benefit from systems that have caused harm and is open to hearing your feedback and committed to working together to heal and increase trust. In partnership with Movement Catalyst San Diego, we are hosting this event in order to:
● To listen to and acknowledge concerns and gain feedback on ways  Malashock Dance can be a positive ally to the BIPOC dance community.

● To create an opportunity for community members to share their experiences,  feel seen, and heard.

● To hold a clear and mindful conversation sharing ideas openly within the context of program development and resource sharing in the spirit of  collaboration and mutual benefit.

● To offer ideas about moving forward with a more equitable community.

● To receive constructive input on Malashock Dance’s past, present, and future.

● Establish an accountability plan for Malashock Dance to implement better equity practices based on feedback gathered at the community forum.

We hope that this model serves as inspiration for other organizations to facilitate similar conversations and continue to take action to do better for our amazing and diverse community.



Dance Instructors Needed!

We are looking for instructors for in-person technique classes for adults and teens, and outreach teachers for arts integration learning. 

Dance teachers who want to join our organization can send a resume and cover letter to

Dancers Needed!

Malashock Dance is seeking professional dancers for upcoming projects. Please send inquiries and materials (bio, performance samples, choreographic works, etc.) to John Malashock at, or use the link on the Malashock Dance website:





Dorothea Laub


$10,000 – $49,999

Joan Beber, Martha Malashock, Anonymous


$5,000 – $9,999

Paul Henkart And Nancy Tomich, Irwin And Joan Jacobs, Sheila And Jeffrey Lipinsky, Patricia O'Connor


$2500 - $$4,999

Edith Andrew Akita, Laura Galinson, Evelyn And Bill Lamden, Mr. Chris Loughridge, Greg And Julianne Markow, Gayle And Philip Tauber


$1,000 - $2,499

Colette Christie, Flossie Cohen, Gayle Early , Jill Hall, Ms. Mark & Nance Hunter, Travis Kemp, Maureen And Charles King, Lois And James Lasry, John And Nina Malashock, Audrey Ratner, The Jordan Ressler Charitable Fund Of The Jewish Community Foundation, Troy Smith, Anonymous, Keith York


$500 - $999

Paul Cretin, Christine And John Fanelli, John Fanelli, Bob And Debbie Fellman, Mr. Vince Hall, Evelyn Olson Lamden, Lois Lasry, Julianne And Gregory Markow, Jessica Ripper, The Herbert J Solomon Fund of The Jewish Community Foundation


$200 - $499

Junko Asano, Phylaine Bemel, Gaylyn Boone, Beth Brust, Betsy Frank, Diana Glimm, James Grutkowski, Bill Hargreaves And Sharon Edmons, Pam Jong, Hamilton Loeb, Judith Lundberg, Oliver Mcelroy And Karen Delaurier In Honor Of Edgar E. Hardy, Mary And John David Peters, Paul Robinson And Trudy Stambook, Carolyn Satter, Geoff Harris And Julie Strong, Kate And Kate Willis


$100 - $199

Bonnie And Laurie And Lawrence Baron, Blythe And Rob Barton, Brian Buscemi, Elizabeth Dimelfi, Nikki Dunnan, Gayle Early, Kimberly Garred, Don And Dale And Don Goldman, Meg And Allan Goldstein, Douglas Gray, Gay Hybertsen, Gay And Eric Hybertsen, Ms. Jennifer Jones, Connie Strohbehn Kaczmarczyk, Elizabeth Klugh, Anni Lipper, Judith And Matthew Marx, Judith Marx, Karen Matthews, Estelle And Jim Milch, Joani Nelson, Mark And Beth Nelson, Emily Olesinski, Neil Osborne, Mr. Gary Payne, Jane Rand, John Rebelo, Sharon Skare, Evelyn Spilka, Marilyn Stenvall, Lynn Susholtz And Laurie Bane, Molly Terbovich-Ridenhour, Ms. Caryl L. Witte


$50 - $99

Erica Buechner, Matthew Carney, Lori Champagne, Erin Clark, Jeryl Cordell, Kirsten Davis, Judith Dolan And Raymond Hardie, A Ericsson, Barbara Fitzsimmons, Bethany Fitzsimmons, Charles Glidden, Jennifer Hiett, Linda Keller, Laura Kim, Lynne And Duane  Knize, Cindy  Kramer, Mr. David Lees, Catherine Lynch, Lynne Martin, Lane Mashal, Katy Mcdonald, Susan Meltzer, Sarah Jane Salonga, Kiran Shelat, Connie Strohbehn, Beth Venkataraman, Amy Wrench And Steve Davis, Pam Zimbalist, Dana And Michael Zimbric


$10 - $49

Martin Aguilera, Brian & Miranda Buscemi, Diana Davidson, Thuy Do, Judith Drapkin, Paul Engel, Mr. Paul Engel, Genevieve Farrar, Ms. Barbara Haines, Leticia Hernandez, Ms. Susan Levine, Allie Lieberman, Ms. Jean Linder, Marsha Lyon, Michelle Marshall, Martha Mcphail, Angel Montiel, Diana And Ric Nicastro, Ashley Ross, Rhonda Schwartz, Lenore Simon, Ellen Waldman, Ms. Kathy Warkentin, Genelle Weits Garcia, Peter Woodbury

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